Landing Page example

What is Box201?

We build websites... differently

Custom Landing Pages is an excellent example of a good landing page. Typically Landing Pages are one page dazzlers which act like a jump page to Your Exciting Products!

At Box201 we partner with marketing firms to provide our customers with professionally developed single page powerhouses. Landing pages are designed usually within a few days. Faster if need be. we proudly offer our single page landing pages:

  • Initial consultation and Development - $99.00

Extra additions available for a nominal fee.
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Unique Designs has a individual look and feel. This high powered fashion company from the city Dalian China has a flash site developed locally in China. Their difficulty was proper translation from Chinese content to English text and western hosting. We provided both and proudly continue to host in America for their wholesale customer base. Hosting pricing or flash development available upon request

Website development:
  • standard 5 page templated - $499.00
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See how your vision for the web and our development team can build a "Synergy of Satifaction!"
Dynamic Design and Helpful Hosting

Full Featured Websites
Full featured websites:
For instance Blackwood Health Centers is an example of a full featured website. Includeing custom code, store, email, graphic and database design. Today thanks to our exceptional customer service skills Blackwood Health Centers enjoys a beautiful commercial site.

Why is Exceptional Customer Service so rare? Few programming teams have the personnel or patience to work with the client throughout a site development process. That where Box201 shines.

We also specialize in site rescue services. Each site is evaluated on a "site by site" basis.

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Your Web solution

When most people say they want a website, or a web-store, what they are saying is I want to be on the web personally or professionally. That’s the concept that has made eBay and MySpace so successful. At Box201 we are here to make owning your space in the World Wide Web easier and affordable.

Our developers specialize in High impact landing sites. A landing site or page is a 1 – 2 page website that that is geared towards turning apathy to interest. The average sale takes from 10 to 14 impressions. But if you don’t get their initial attention who do you market to? By creating a landing page you design, test and polish a marketing system that will reap much better rewards than building a big site and hoping for the best.

It's finally Painless...

Once you get the traffic started then it is time to build upon success and expand your site to include a web store or affiliate links, things that generate money – you know, the reason most people start a web site in the first place.

If your goal is purely an informational site we can do that also, and with style. No cookie cutter sites here. Each site is built to specifications and you, the customer, get to design it.

We conduct a brief interview to begin the process and truely listen to our clients. As part to our Exceptional Customer Service our best asset is listening. We create via Email, MS-Paint, Word docs and even scanned napkin doodles are acceptable. If you've previously had difficulty explaining what you really want, let our developers help you make your dream site a reality.