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Let’s start this off with a note about services. Our servers connected to the net via a cable provider. One day our email stopped working so after inquiry with the service provider they advised us we were not smart enough to run a legitimate server behind our firewall so they blocked all ports by telling every black list in the world the providers network IP range and told them to black out any email from these IP’s.


We understand the typical consumer probably doesn’t know how to administrate a email server but some of us do. We continued to jump thru email hoops and finally when the provider also said they wanted to become the internet police we finally switched to another provider and they too had issues but a lot less than the first.

My point here is that was terrible customer service. There is just no need to have those kinds of internet police on as network providers where they actively hand our accounts to unscrupulous spammers but rule with an iron fist against the customers. We are now managing our own IP, named, email, and hardware. Viva la OpenSource!


 Our recommendation for servers is FreeBSD. “Them folks can code!” We strongly recommend a FreeBSD system for its ease of install, simple configuration and bulletproof security. How many useful Operating Systems can be downloaded in an afternoon, and have a web/email/firewall server done before evening arrives. With the cost at less than a buck for a DVD to burn the image on.

One last statement. We are looking for freelance PHP work, Database development or graphic design jobs. Please stop by for details.

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