Appreciation depression

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We’ve all felt the cold chill of unappreciated effort. We work extremely hard and make something truly unique, useful and/or satisfying and recently there seems nary a word of thanks. Not even one word of encouragement. I’m a true believer in the power of positive words. Spoken words, like “good job” can have an overwhelming effect on people. I even venture a claim that if Christians corporately appreciated each other the general populace would round us all up to have our heads examined. Unappreciation feels like a growing trend on TV shows, schools, evaluations and especially the workplace. In order to change the world we simply need to verbally appreciate people.

Words have enormous power. This power can be either good or bad simply by the tone and choice of words we use. I daresay whole careers have been made or destroyed by our spoken words to one another.

Once there was a brilliant manager of a technical network operation center. I’ll call him Bob (not his real name). Bob had a heart for the end users in the world. He could scan a log file and catch a bad interface faster than any automated system. One day while under a very high stress outage Bob was asked a seriously silly question. Bob popped off an answer and within an hour he was no longer an employee.

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