Our Republic

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Our public officials have officially lost their perspective. This week we dined at a luncheon with our state representatives. At our table, we were literally rubbing shoulders with solid Democrats.  They spoke frankly about the hardships which shackle them each day. After listening intently, my wife and I made an important observation. Our government is filled from the top to the bottom with democrat controlled majorities and they all have lost the ability to represent the views of the working class. The three critical perspectives which they fail to realize revolve around their purpose, their inspiration and their responsibilities.

How did our public officials forget what their purpose is? Our representatives are supposed to represent the views of their constituents toward governmental issues. Please stop pushing personal beliefs on the people being represented.  The officials who sat at our luncheon table spoke of their frustrations with Colorado law. The law forces our state officials to add every little thing they do to the Colorado Constitution. Now at first glance this does look a bit ludicrous. In the beginning, it was easy to keep passing these laws onto the people. Now after the Colorado constitution has grown to roughly 118 pages, and by all accounts is unwieldy. Perhaps the intent t of this law was to force our government to think really hard whether they need to pass new laws onto the people because this is a very big lesson. Our government officials should take pause and consider the requirement of adding every regulation to the constitution. Maybe it was the perfect failsafe, limiting big government and also ensured a complete re-write of the state constitution every 150 years.  

The inspiration, the drive that gets people up in the morning, the drive is gone from our politicians. U.S. Senator Mark Udall recently sent out a newsletter. In this letter he states:

“Whether in Washington or on my visits home to Colorado, my top priority is doing everything I can to support job creation and strengthen our economy. In the last month, I took advantage of a recess from Congress to continue my "Colorado Work Force Tour" visiting Coloradans on the Western Slope to talk about ways to produce more jobs and invest in our economy.”     

These words were heartening. They seem to reflect what we wish our representatives to do.  Then in the very next paragraph, the heartening words froze in mid air and broke into a thousand pieces.

 “We’ve returned to work here in Congress, and this week, I co-sponsored a bill to help improve our national security at a time of two wars by repealing the outdated "Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell" law. Below is more information about my work to fight for you in the U.S. Senate.”

What the… this is a clear lack of inspiration and also a clear loss of connection with the people of Colorado. Coloradoans are simply asking our US government to please stop spending money the people have yet to make. The constant spending of monopoly money is devaluing our currency and building an international credit bubble that is going to force this population to experience hyperinflation. That’s not a prediction it is a promise. Only 2-3 years left at 20% monetization.

Our representative’s responsibilities are rather simple. Searching the web found this snippet:   http://www.senate.gov/general/common/generic/officer_responsiblities.htm . The whole pages is written with almost 1100 words and yet, no clear direction other than following the leader in much the same way lemmings follow each other.  A quick query out on Google revealed even less information. Therefore it’s understandable why our representatives and senators are handicapped when it comes to explaining their accomplishments. They simply do not understand what they are to do. It is NOT to rule over the public that voted them in. First learn what the state, as a corporate whole wants, then act accordingly when bills or statutes come up for a vote.  Be cognizant of the tax pain we are already in and do no harm to our future.  If an example is required, read Thomas Jefferson. A great statesman and someone both sides should listen to. In a letter to Samuel Kercheval, Monticello, July 12, 1816, Thomas Jefferson said:

 “I am not among those who fear the people. They, and not the rich, are our dependence for continual freedom. And to preserve their independence, we must not let our rulers load us with perpetual debt. We must make our election between economy and liberty or profusion and servitude.”  

We can only pray, today, some person in office acquires such a strong defense of the people’s liberties. A new proposal of a responsibility might be to read every word Jefferson wrote about the government. That might actually yield a good harvest out of our local and national governments.

In conclusion it seems our governments have lost their inspiration, purpose and sense of direction. They have all the power and neither sympathy nor empathy for the people. Sadly my vote which once was partisan now has become a activist for non-partisan issues. I’m voting all the incumbents out and choosing anyone new to get in. I’m sick to death of the 40-70 year old kindergardeners I’m force to vote for each year. Tired of the arguments, the lack of important legislation, sick of a single party system that delights in reaching so deep in my pockets they actually take money I have not even earned yet.  My government has all the power and no clear direction. A solid party of democrats produces nothing. My president is a democrat the US house and senate and majority democrat, my governor and state house is solid democrat, even local government. A democrat might think this is heaven but I can say as a citizen this is far from a delight and my pockets are emptier than they have been in 50 years. I can’t wait to vote for some real change and drop everyone currently in office.  



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