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A Christmas Angel Story

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 Here is my Christmas Angel story and now is the season to tell it…

We moved from Texas to Colorado in the summer of 1978. That winter it snowed something fierce and we got stranded in our own house. Digging out five acres of driveway with a cheap snow shovel taught us to find some horsepower for big snows in the future.

A couple weeks before Christmas, we called grandpa and he said there was a nice Massey-Ferguson tractor for sale back in Texas. So my dad, mom, and I jumped in our Ford F100 pickup, rented a trailer and headed to Texas. On Christmas Eve morning we heard the news that a storm was coming. Dad, Mom, cousin, and I decided to go back early to Colorado.

It was bitter cold that day and just north of Amarillo, Texas we heard a pair of bangs and realized one tire on the trailer blew which caused the other tire on same side to blow. After discovering the trailer had no spares, we took a wheel from the good side and put in on the blown side and hobbled into the town of Dalhart, Texas. A gas station was the only thing open at 11:00pm on Christmas Eve.

The station attendant said the tires on the trailer were mobile home tires and they didn’t carry them. The hotels were all closed so we were looking at spending the night in the truck. Suddenly, a big burly guy walked out of the darkness and asked me what was wrong. I explained what happened and the big guy said, "Go get your father and let’s take a little ride."

My dad, this "guy" and I jumped into the truck leaving Mom and my cousin to guard the tractor while we drove into the darkness. We drove down miles of dirt roads and pulled into a fenced area where big truck trailers lined both sides. We drove past a lot of trailers to the far end of the lot and the guy jumped out and opened the side door to the last trailer. In the back he pulled out 4 brand new mobile home tires on the rim already aired up. He could have charged us anything that night but the price seemed like $100 for all four tires with rims. We drove back to the station to put on the new tires. Before we could thank the guy, he just disappeared into the darkness again.

We all saw him that night but he never told us his name. The gas station person didn’t know who he was and hadn’t seen him. My cousin and I figured he must have been an angel. We drove the rest of the way home arriving early on Christmas Day.

Merry Christmas,

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